Electric Scooters

Driving an electric scooter for shorter distances is so much convenient and cost-effective in comparison to a car. One can easily skip traffic jams without causing any pollution. 

Passenger Rickshaw

Electric passenger rickshaw is a commercial vehicle that any person drives back and forth from one location to another, mainly a metro station or bus stand, helping passengers get to their destination at low price. 

Cargo Rickshaw
Cargo Rickshaw is ideal for carrying goods through narrow streets be it water bottles, cartons, edibles etc, making it the ultimate electric vehicle for transporting goods. Our offered rickshaw id widely used for the transportation purpose and carrying goods.
Dealer Zone Rickshaw
Dealer Zone Rickshaw has a positive environmental benefit with zero tailpipe emissions. Additionally, the average energy consumption of electric rickshaw is 53.76 KJ/passenger/km which is one of the most efficient among all forms of motorised transport. It is well suited for conveying goods from one place to another.

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